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Gaillac wines

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Gaillac Wines     

The Gaillac Vineyards were first planted by the Romans one century BC.
A pottery fabric situated in Montans near Gaillac (visits are available) was created three centuries later “l’archéosite de Montans”. These potteries were used to transport the wine. Remains of these potteries have been found in Spain and as far away as Scotland, proof of the vineyards ancient past.

In 972, the Benedictin Monks founded the Abbey of St Michel introducing a careful selection of grape variety.
In 1271 a quality chart was introduced setting the standard for the following centuries and ensuring the high quality that we now know as AOC Gaillac.
In 1922, AOC Gaillac appellation officially instaured (Indication of origin).
In 1938, AOC Gaillac appellation for white wine.
In 1970, AOC Gaillac appellation for red wine.

Today the Gaillac vineyards spread over 5000 acres with over 100 different producers and 3 cooperatives.

There are three distinct ‘terroirs’ each with its geological specifications and climate, oceanic and mediterranean :

Les terrasses de la rive gauche du Tarn (left bank terrace)
Les coteaux de la rive droite (right bank hillside)
Le plateau Cordais (the Cordes plateau or ‘shelf’)

Main grape varieties
White :
Le Mauzac
Le Loin de l’Oeil (Len de l’El)

Complementary :
Sauvignon and Muscadelle

Reds represented by two main varieties :
Le Duras
Le Braucol (Fer Servadou)

Complementary :
La Syrah Gamay, ‘Gaillac Primeur’

Information and wine tasting, “la Maison des Vins de Gaillac” – Abbaye Saint-Michel
Tel. 05 63 57 15 40